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A perfect addition to any occasion, keeping your wine steady and nibbles up off the ground.

Our Wine Picnic tables are an amazing addition to any event, keeping your nibbles up off the ground and your wine safe from being spilt! For outdoor hangs on the beach or at the park, or maybe an indoor picnic on the lounge room floor, this table works in all occasions!  

Made from reclaimed wood, sanded down and coated with a food safe finish, these picnic tables are each unique in their own way and make for a perfect gift for someone you love or a treat-yo-self moment!

We now do custom made bags for our wine picnic tables. They are made from Calico material and have double strength stictched handles. They are priced at $30 each. 

Please Note the following before purchasing:

  • We use reclaimed woods so though it is sanded and planed smooth to fresh timber, there is still the characteristics of its previous life, including nails holes.

  • We use a clear coat to varnish, to protect the wood against moisture. It is not a resin or thick varnish so there is not a solid glossy layer on the table.This is to keep with the natural rustic look we provide while also protecting the pieces. 

  • These are made to order so please enquire as to wait time when you place your order. Generally our wait time is 2-3 weeks.

  • Please check the measurements before purchasing, to ensure this is the correct size for you!

  • Please note, the number of wine holes does not necessarily indicate the number of people who can physically sit around the table at one time. The table is intended for a casual picnic setting, rather than a formal place setting. If you would prefer a larger size, please contact us for a custom quote! 



($75) With 2 glass holders measuring at approximately Length: 60cm x Width: 27-30cm

($85) With 4 glass holders measuring at approximately Length: 60cm x Width: 27-30cm

($95) With 6 glass holders measuring at approximately Length: 70cm x Width: 27-30cm

($105) With 8 glass holders measuring at approximately Length: 80cm x Width: 27-30cm

This price is with a natural finish. For a burnt or white wash finish, it is an additional $5. Postage is not included in the price. Please contact us for postage cost. 


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