Frequently asked questions

Why do you use reclaimed wood?

We use reclaimed woods because we hate the idea of our landfills filling up more than it should. Living in such a throw-away society, its easy to forget that our actions today can affect our world tomorrow. Though one piece of furniture made from reclaimed wood may not make too much difference, every small bit can help.

Where do you get your reclaimed wood from?

We have several different sources we obtain wood from. We have a few local businesses who give us pallets that otherwise they would have thrown away. We have family and friends giving us old furniture, we have neighbours giving us left over renovation material, we pick it up from kerbside colleciton, we have even come across someone at the tip throwing away wooden sleepers who were happy to give them to us when we intervened. There are so many outlets in saving unnecessary waste and we have just named a few!

How do I go about getting a quote for a custom piece of furniture?

You can contact us through several difference avenues. You can send us a message through this website. You can send an email to knotsandgrains@hotmail.com. You can give us a call on 0405550048. Or you can contact us through our facebook or Instagram pages.

For quotes, the more information the better! Let us know as much detail as possible, what measurements you are after and if you have any example photos, please feel free to send them through.

I'd rather chat in person about an order, is this possible?

Absolutely! We can come and meet you for a coffee and chat, or you are welcome to our home workshop. If you have an area that needs measuring, we can come and size it up. We enjoy meeting potential customers as it always easier discussing ideas in person. We are flexible with our times so feel free to message or call about a meeting.